last updated: July 16, 2018

ISurenderToU live sex

ISurenderToU BIO: Things i want:you,silence,mental stimulation,sex,excitement,balance,good vibes! If you meet someone like me,who is able to turn pain into pleasure do not let her go! Grab my waist and pull me closer,show me the things that i shouldn't know!

ISurenderToU likes: Reversing roles sometimes is good. I’ll free you from having to be in control all the time. I’ll take you places you’ve never been.I back up all my rules with discipline. So you'd be giving yourself over to me. Mine to punish. Mine to pleasure! And a

ISurenderToU dislikes: I am not into forbidden things !

Age: 34

Fantasy: Your absolute devotion will allow you to leave this world and dive deep into another universe, while discover a world that go beyond your wildest imagination.As a submissive, toy and pervert woman i surrender myself and put my faith in your hands!